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Alberta Home Pages

These pages were created for the Alberta Researcher who have built pages on their family, historical facts, and other information about Alberta Canada.  Please just click to send us an email with your site URL and name.

Bateman and Adams Family
Many of the early people were born in England and moved to CANADA. Many still live in ENGLAND, but most are from Canada.
About the earliest date I have recorded is from about the 1880's, everything before that has a lot of blanks (missing names, dates, people, etc.) The latest dates I have recorded is 1997.

Chris Gort and Elaine Olthuis Family Home Page
As is the case with most genealogical research, my own interest started with a curiosity about my own ancestors. After collecting all that had been done already by an uncle and a second cousin I had the Gort ancestry in place. I then switched to the ancestors of my spouse, Elaine Olthuis, and collected a great deal of information from relatives to complete at least her mother's side of the family, namely the Wierenga's. 

Doukhobor Genealogy Website
The prime internet source connecting researchers of Doukhobor genealogy.  This site dedicated to the reclamation, discovery, collection, preservation and free sharing of information related to Doukhobor family history

It's Judy
If your researching the Wallis and Gee family in Canada, this is the place to look!

One Family - Forefathers
Our paths brought us from Europe about 250 years ago, at least for some of us. The rest waited in Europe for about 100 years and then made the trip across the water. We moved west as the country was opened up - from Pennsylvania, to Ohio, and on to Indiana and Iowa. Some of us touched down in Illinois and Nebraska for a time, and then our paths brought us to western Canada --- "The Last Best West" as it was called by some in those days. Many of us still call Alberta our home. Some have moved on to make their fortunes elsewhere, but we are still a family.

Turner Low Ray Allen Gallager Hickson Hockley Thomas Nexus
This is a page of stuff regarding the histories of the families of Francis Charles Turner and Janet Elizabeth Low.

The Grand Meadow Bed & Breakfast
A graciously restored architectural land mark in Ponoka’s Battle River area was built in the early 1900’s by Walter Gee and has remained in the family since. The innkeepers have been busy refurbishing this grand house taking care to insure the originality including the hardwood floors and woodwork. Be sure to visit Marro Farm while your there!!

Alberta Genealogy

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